Sara Fielding was Alex's adopted mother and protector and Ike Fielding's wife. She couldn't have children of her own, so when she was entrusted Alex, she took her duty as her protector seriously and always put Alex's welfare above everything. Despite that the family wasn't well off, she was willing to live with her husband's faults, because she loved him and because she wanted Alex to have two parents. But when Alex was eight everthing changed. Ike had witnessed Alex displayed magic and decided to abuse her powers for money, when Sara learned of his intentions, she threw him out, not listening to his pleads to be allowed to stay. Out of hurt pride, Ike stole Sara's life savings and left her with debts, that resulted in that Alex and Sara had to move into a trailer and Sara took two part-time jobs to keep food on the table. To keep Alex from go looking for Ike, she told her that Ike had run off. The stress led to Sara began smoking causing her to have cancer that in the end lead to her death. Sara's friend, Mrs. Bass, knew that Sara threw Ike out, but was never told the reason. However she knew that Sara would have wanted Alex to believe Ike left willingly, so it was first after Ike was dead and no longer pose a threat to Alex, that she told the truth, knowning that Sara would have wanted that.