Portrayed by:

Jennifer Robertson (Twitches I)
Leslie Seiler(Twitches II)

Illeana Warburton (Illeana DuBaer in the novels) is a family friend of the DuBaers and Camryn's guardian.



In the novels, she is the only child of Thantos DuBaer and Beatrice Hazlitt, making her the first cousin of Apolla and Artemis. Her mother dies in childbirth and her father abandons her, and she is found by Karsh Antayus, a distant relative, who raises her from then on. Following Aaron's murder, she and Karsh are trusted with the twins, and she decides to give them to human foster parents. Like her father, she is a very powerful witch. She is described as self-centered and with a temper, but caring and dependable.


Illeana is entrusted, along with Karsh, to be the guardians of the twins, and they leave them with their respective foster parents. After the twins meet for the first time, Illeana and Karsh reappear to explain their heritage to them. They then act as teachers to the twins to learn magic. In the second movie, she and Karsh are married. Unlike in the novels, she is not Thantos' child.

She is Apolla (Camryn's protector)

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