Hazlitt was a magical family descended from the powerful Antayus. Their branch was founded when Abigail Antayus' oldest son was forced to adopt his foster family's name after his mother had been executed as witch. Despite having a different surname, the Antayus blood could still made the family dangerous to the DuBear family, because a curse, placed in revenge for Abigail's death, cause an Antayus in each generation kill (whenever it was intentionally or not) a DuBear. The family is not known to have every powerful members, but Ileana DuBear, daughter of Beatrice Hazlitt, was a very powerful witch.

known members Edit

  • Abigail Antayus' oldest son - the founder of the branch.
  • Beatrice Hazlitt - married to Thantos DuBear.
  • Ileana DuBear - Daughter of Beatrice.

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