{{Infobox character |name = Emily Caty Barnes |image = N/A |imagewidth = N/A |caption = N/A |title = Emily Barnes |gender = Female |race = Human mortal |faction = N/A |daughter _= [[Camryn Barnes |level = N/A NONE MORTAL |status = HUMAN MORTAL |location = Home}}

Emily Banres is the wife of David and the foster mother of Camryn. She is hip and cool and saved Camryn when the darkness attacked and tried to destroy Camryn at the party. She married the millionaire guy she always dreamed of and they have an enormous fortune with the one they bought an enormous mansion and to buy her daughter everything she wants (for her 16th birthday they gave her a porshe). She loves her daughter more than anything else in the world and would do everthing for her. She belives her and they are like bffs too because they bond sometimes and Emily never gets mad at Camryn and she loves her very much. She is a super billionaire interior designer that lives in an enormous mansion the exclusive comunity of Waverly with her husband and foster daughter.

In the flm she is played by Karen Holness

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