Camryn Alicia Barnes is one of the two protagonists of the Twitches, she is the younger sister of Alex Fielding.

Character description Edit

Apolla was born as the sun was rising on October 31, 1986, together with her older twin sister Artemis. She is the preppy, popular twin with an upbeat personality. Apolla grew up in suburban Marble Bay, Massachusetts, with the name of : Camryn Alicia. Class of 2004. She is part of a social circle of six, and her boyfriends throughout the series are Shane Antayus Wright and Jason Weissman.

Facts Edit

  • Her real name is the female version of the Apollo name : Apolla.
  • Apollo was the Greek mythological sun god, and Artemis' twin brother .
  • She wears the sun amulet.
  • Her specialized supernatural abilities include : exceptionally strong empathytelepathyclairvoyance, hyperactive sight, blinding people temporarilypremonition, and pyrokinesis.
  • She is an alumna of Marble Bay High School's.