Full name

Elizabeth Fish


20 or 21




  • unknown (father)
  • unknown (mother)
  • Camryn (best friend)

Magic Powers

No one

Lives in

New York


  • Hanging out with Camryn
  • Go to shopping
  • Know pretty guys

Portrayed by

Jackie Rose

Elizabeth Fish is Camryn best friend, we don't know much about her, except, that she is a bit' dizzy, but nice. Beth is the first person to come to consciousness, the existence of Alex. Doesn't appear much during the film. She portrayed by Jackie Rosenbaum.

Twitches Edit

Beth is the typical rich girl, who is famous only because a friend of an equally rich girl but more famous for her. Although the appearance is a bit frivolous, it seems to be a fairly nice girl. Unfortunately, we don't know much about her or her family, other than the fact that they must be very rich, such as Camryn family, her best friend. Presumably she and Cam, they met at the kindergarten, and have remained friendly since then, probably due to their social status.

Twitches Too Edit

Beth makes a brief appearance even in the sequel of Twitches, in fact, appears for the last time in the movie, only at the beginning.