Alexandra 'Alex' Nicole Fielding, real name Artemis DuBear, (born October 31th) is one of the two protagonists in the Twitches book series. She is the older daughter of Aaron and Miranda DuBear and the older twin sister of Camryn Barnes (Apolla DuBear). Her foster parents were Ike and Sara Fielding, but since she was eight she lived with Sara alone.

Life as Alexandra Fielding Edit

Alex was raised in Montana with Ike and Sara, believing them to be her biological parents. Her adopted father Ike suffered from a bad health, which was one of the reasons he couldn't hold on to a job. When Alex was eight, she accidently display her magical powers, when she could levitate a doll from the shelf in a shop. Ike witness it and suspected that Alex had special powers. He wanted to abuse her for his own gain by making her steal with her levitate power. When Sara learn of his intention, she throw him out, and neither she or Alex saw him again, but he stole Sara's savings and left them with debts, which resulted in that Sara and Alex were forced to move into a trailer and Sara had to take two part-time jobs.